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Purpose & Goals

Purpose of Flying WILD

The purpose of the Flying WILD program is to engage middle schools in bird education efforts with the intent of encouraging increased environmental stewardship among youth. Special emphasis is placed on creating an approach that is readily adaptable for urban schools, often with underserved students who traditionally receive few opportunities to participate in environmental education initiatives.

Flying WILD Goals

The goals of the Flying WILD program include:

To ensure that the nation’s students, particularly urban youth, are knowledgeable about the conservation needs of migratory and other birds.

To further extend youth educational efforts associated with International
      Migratory Bird Day.

To instill stewardship of birds and other natural resources by promoting
      awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of birds.

To provide service-learning opportunities whereby students become
      involved in school, community, and home activities that benefit bird  


To ensure teachers have the resources they need to prepare for, organize,
      and lead a school bird festival with their students and community partners.

To provide a vehicle (school bird festivals) to encourage schools to work
     cooperatively with community organizations, conservation organizations,   
     and businesses interested in bird conservation.



Purpose & Goals


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