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Correlations to Education Standards

Meeting national and state education standards

Meeting national and state education standards is an essential goal of Flying WILD: An Educator's Guide to Celebrating Birds. The instructional materials are adapted to support state and national science education standards and assessment criteria for middle school grades.

Every activity in the Guide includes an "In Step With Science Standards" box, indicating the activity's specific correlations to National Science Education Standards.

The study of birds lends itself to numerous curriculum connections. The activities you choose can connect teachers and their students to Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts, Art, and many more subjects. For the Teacher-led and Volunteer-led Activities, the Guide list the cross-disciplinary subjects that are most relevant to the particular activity. In some cases, the "Zoom In, Zoom Out" extension boxes offer suggestions for ways to expand the activity to include additional subject areas and learning styles.

Awareness of birds and their conservation needs easily leads to action projects that connect the curriculum to the real world. Students put their knowledge and ideas into practice by solving problems and helping the environment in immediate ways. Flying WILD: An Educator's Guide to Celebrating Birds and its activities inspire action, learning and fun!

To ensure that instruction and learning correlate with state and national education standards, activities in the Guide typically involve an inquiry approach to instruction. In addition to a statement of instructional objectives, each activity provides an assessment section that suggests at least one way to evaluate student's work, accomplishments, or performance. While some evaluations may assess student understanding of factual information, others ask students to demonstrate a theoretical or applied conceptual understanding.

While meeting the needs of the classroom teacher, Flying WILD: An Educator's Guide to Celebrating Birds easily adapts to audiences in informal learning settings, such as after-school programs, nature centers, museums, youth organizations, and others. The material is built around the fundamental principles of providing scientifically sound information, engaging learners in hands-on activities, and helping young people evaluate choices and make responsible decisions.


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