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Flying WILD further supports the efforts of students, teachers, volunteers, and schools, in planning, sponsoring, and hosting school bird festivals by providing additional resources designed to supplement the Flying WILD activity guide.

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  Facilitator Recruitment Resource - Click here to download the
Volunteermatch user guide
[3.29 MB pdf]

  Flying WILD Facilitator Handbook [1.12 MB pdf]

  Gulf Oil Spill Educator Resources [1.12 MB pdf]

  Birding Beat Pictures and Checklist [1.33 MB pdf]


Birds and Beans

Did you know that shade grown coffee can play a key role in the conservation of migratory birds? "Shade-grown" refers to the way coffee has been traditionally farmed for generations. Coffee shrubs which are planted in the shade of tall trees, make traditional coffee plantations excellent homes for birds and other forest-dwelling wildlife.

For more information about the importance of certified bird friendly coffee, including information on changes to bird populations of various species, click here to download "Birds of Two Worlds: Saving Songbirds With Your Coffee Cup."


Flying WILD Student Pages

When we revised the 2006 Flying WILD guide, we altered some of the student pages to make the activities and instructions clearer, and easier to use. Since these changes were made after the printing of the Student Pages CD, they are not available on the disk. Please download the latest version of pages 111, 293-294 and 306-313.

Pages 48-50 - Migratory Bird Hall-of-Famers' Cards

Page 74 - Sample Food Web

Page 77 - Birds in Our Lives

Pages 81-83 - Bird Proverbs and Sayings List

Page 86 - Observing Birds in the Wild Worksheet

Page 90 - Bird Adaptation Chart

Page 94-97 - Forest Habitat Activity Board

Pages 103-104 - Bird Monitoring Form

Pages 108-111 - Hidden Hazards Background Information

Pages 116-119 - Jay T. Birder Journal

Pages 123-127 - Western Hemisphere Map

Pages 132-133 - Bird Feeder Designs

Pages 136-137 - Habitat Evaluation Worksheet

Page 142 - Celebrating Bird Heroes

Pages 146-150 - The Plot Thickens

Pages 154-161 - Teaming Up for Birds

Pages 167-170 - The Great Migration Challenge Instructions

Page 175 - Fill the Bill Activity

Pages 178-179 - Bird Bingo Activity

Pages 182-185 - Jeop-Birdy Round "Answers"

Pages 190-193 - Stations

Page 197 - Sample Weaver Nest

Pages 200-205 - Bird Action Pledge Card

Page 208-209 - Avian Arts and Crafts

Pages 218-220 - Instructions for Obstacle Course

Page 228 - Traveling Waterfowl Cards

Pages 238-239 - City Slickers Clue Cards

Pages 243-244 - Bird Team Trivia Cards

Page 248 - Types of Turkey Calls

Pages 253-254 - Courtship Behavior Cards

Pages 262-265 - Bird Address Cards

Pages 292-294 - Flying Eagle Airplane

Pages 306-316 - Count Your Birds Instructions

Page 318 - Birding With Binoculars

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Student Pages




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