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April 20, 2009  
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FW City Partner MeetingCity Partner Meeting A Success
Flying WILD recently held its first City Partner meeting February 21, 2009 in Jekyll Island, Georgia. It was a great time to share information, participate in discussions, make new friends and enjoy the southern coast.

As many as 12 City Partners were represented at the meeting generating plenty of good ideas for growing the Flying WILD program, expanding the City Partner network, building on successes and identifying areas in need of improvement. 
Resources are now available online which include flip chart notes and discussion group summary notes.  For City Partners who were unable to attend Bird Conservation through Education: A National Gathering, following the City Partners meeting, presentations can now be downloaded online by clicking here.
An online photo gallery is also available for public viewing by clicking here.
ducklingsFlying WILD City Partner
Network Grows its Flock

The Flying WILD network is 
continuing to grow with the addition of three new City Partners!  
Welcome the newest members of the Flying WILD City Partner network:
Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia -  Athens, Georgia
The Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources' mission is to prepare leaders in the conservation and sustainable management of forests and other natural resources; to discover ways to restore and better use the earth's natural resources; and to put into practice forestry and natural resources knowledge.  

Established in 1906, it is the oldest program in the South that provides service and outreach programs in all aspects of forestry and forest management, water and soils resources, wildlife, fisheries, and natural resources recreation. Outreach activities include not only landowner assistance, short courses, workshops, field days, and continuing education; but also on-line classes, TV programming, publication of handbooks and manuals, and presentations at professional conferences.
The Lahontan Audubon Society - Reno, Nevada
The Lahontan Audubon Society (LAS), a chapter of the National Audubon Society, based in Reno and serving all of northern Nevada, represents over 1,000 memberships of conservation-minded individuals and families.

The organization works to help restore, preserve, and improve habitat for birds and other wildlife while providing education about birds and their habitats in Nevada and adjacent areas of California. LAS also plays a major role the in the Nevada Important Bird Areas Program, part of a hemispheric program to identify and preserve key bird habitat areas.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History- Cleveland, Ohio
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, incorporated in 1920, is one of the finest institutions of its kind in the world. It is noted for its collections, research, educational programs and exhibits.  The collections encompass more than 5 million artifacts and specimens, and research of global significance focuses on 11 natural science disciplines.  The Museum is a valuable resource for scientists and students from kindergarten to university.
The Museum's Science Resource Center is dedicated to providing educators of Northeast Ohio with the skills, materials and information to present science lessons in an interdisciplinary manner that is accurate, effective and engaging.  The center houses more than 4,000 educational items available for loan. 

2009 IMBD posterRegister Your Bird Festival with IMBD
International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) is fast approaching so now is the perfect time to register your bird festival with www.birdday.org.
Today, IMBD is celebrated in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Central America through a host of activities such as bird festivals, bird walks, education programs, and Bird Day!  Each year IMBD continues to focus attention on one of the most significant and amazing events in the life of a migratory bird -- its journey between its summer and winter homes. This year's theme, "Celebrating Birds in Culture," focuses on the important role birds have played in ancient and modern cultures. 
Flying WILD City Partners like Genesee Valley Audubon Society (GVAS) are already planning exciting events. GVAS's Annual Migratory Bird Festival will be filled with live birds, art, children's activities and special guest presentations.  A brochure, complete with a full schedule of activities, is available for viewing by clicking here.
For more information about IMBD or to join this important celebration click here.
you tube shootFlying WILD on You

Flying WILD has been launched on You Tube through an exciting effort completed by the Council for Environmental Education's (CEE)summer interns.   
CEE's interns teamed up with students at Houston's Nehemiah Center to coordinate an afternoon of fun activities using Flying WILD's Bird Olympics. In this activity, students learn some amazing physical attributes of birds by comparing their own physical abilities to those of birds.
Their work has been captured in a six minute demonstration video that can be viewed on You Tube by clicking here. Thanks to all of our summer interns for their hard work and to the Nehemiah Center for their generous hospitality!
world with peopleSocial Marketing Takes Flight for Bird Educators
City Partners are making terrific use of online tools and discovering ways to effectively grow their networks by reaching new audiences, manage existing networks and share resources.
The Delmarva City Partnership, which includes the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art,  Assateague State Park and the Maryland Coastal Bays Program, has developed a Google Group for their growing network where all facilitators and trained educators are invited to join. Now, as many as 84 members are currently using this feature to share resources, information about workshop dates, funding opportunities, photos and more. 
Other City Partners like the Genesee Valley Audubon Society's (GVAS) BirdCOR program are using social marketing resources to develop a stronger web presence, announce training opportunities, and offer opportunities to participate in topical discussions related to Flying WILD  and environmental education.  Visit Facebook and Twitter to see how GVAS is using these net resources.
"We recently created a BirdCOR Facebook global group and other social media as new ways to post events and host topical discussions," says GVAS's David Semple.  "We hope these will be effective tools in advancing our program both within our existing network of Flying WILD educators and with new audiences over time."

For more information about the advantages of social marketing click here. Or to learn how to set up a Google Group please visit http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=64ahl9cab.0.0.cvohqmcab.0&ts=S0393&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.groups.google.com%2F&id=preview.

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